60 CM Flexible White Daytime Running Light For Cars & Bikes with Matrix Yellow Indicator with Turn Sequential Flow (60 cm, Set of 2 Pieces)

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  • key Features

    • PREMIUM MADE SILICONE TUBE - Super flexible and durable, we did times of test by smashing the lights onto the ground and twisting them as much as we can.
    • Elaborate design, good structure, and waterproof feature makes this light the best choice for installation at your vehicle
    • LED Color : White Daytime Running Light+Yellow flowing Turn Signal light
    • Just require right connect to the positive (+) and negative (-) side. Wiring instruction: the black wire has to be connected to the negative terminal of the battery;
    • The strip tube light can be used for auto (Car, Vehicle, Motorcycle, Scooter, Trailer etc.) DRL replacement and modification.


Brings you: 24 INCH/60 CM Flexible White-Yellow Daytime Running Light For Cars, Bikes and Scooty. Now You can enjoy audi style LED DRL in your vehicle as well with Headlight Noen LED DRL Tube light which will give your vehicle unmatched stylish looks. It will not only make your Car look stylish and stand out from the crowd but will also help you to be safe on the road in unwanted weather conditions with its bright glow of light. FEATURES: 1. Low power consumption and energy saving. 2. It is made from high quality soft silicone material, which is soft and durable and ultralight. 3. It is easy and convenient to install, you can finish installation without disassembling the headlights. 4. Ultra-thin and you can choose the suitable length by cutting out the LED strips. 5. Transparent housing for brighter light, soft strip tubes, bending freely. 6. Enhance lighting in rainy and foggy days to avoid traffic accidents. 7. Works with 12V current of the vehicle 8. Flexible 60cm LED DRL Tube Can take any headlight shape due to its flexible nature 9. Easy to install by without cutting any wire of the vehicle Package Contents: 2 X Flexible 60cm Headlight Neon LED DRL Tube-White. IMP: Professional Installation Required.

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