Coido 3326 Car Tyre Inflator with Torch, Emergency Flasher and 300 PSI Gauge

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  • key Features

    • Effortless and easy inflation of tyres, balls and rubber rafts
    • Time saving as compared to mechanical pump
    • Equipped with a bright light and flasher for night use
    • On/off switch for flasher as well as air compressor for better usability
    • Equipped with pressure checking gauge
    • Compact and easy to store in your car



Coido Electronic Car Tyre Inflator has compartment for storage of cigarette lighter cord and nozzles. High quality product from COIDO. Pressure guage with maximun preassure of 300 psi. Includes multipurpose adaptors.

Car,bike and bicycle tyres.
Sports equipments like football, basketball etc.
Rubber rafts like air beds, ballons etc.

How to Use:

  1. Plug socket into cigratte lighter.
  2. Place the nozzles provided according to your requirments.
  3. And you are ready to inflate your tyres, rafts and sports equipments.




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