Meguiar's NXT Generation Car Wash (532 ML) and Ultimate Polish (473 ML) Image

Meguiar's NXT Generation Car Wash (532 ML) and Ultimate Polish (473 ML)

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  • key Features

    • Meguiar's NXT Generation Car Wash - Engineered water softener leaves no spots - Contains extreme sudsing action - PH balanced formula emulsifies dirt and grime - Synthetic lubricating oils glide dirt particles off the surface without marring or stripping the finish
    • Meguiar's Ultimate Polish - Pre-waxing glaze that prepares the surface for wax while offering deep reflections and high gloss - Conditioning oils add depth of color and maximum gloss prior to waxing, especially on dark colored cars - Quickly and gently removes fine swirls and towel marks for mirror-like reflections - Safe and on all glossy paints, including clear coats - Safe and effective by hand or dual action polisher like Meguiar's MT300 Dual Action Polisher.


Meguiar’s NXT Generation Car Wash

NXT Generation Car Wash is a completely synthetic car wash concentrate that loosens and emulsifies even the toughest dirt and road grime. Engineered water softeners help reduce deposits in hard water, leaving behind a spot-free finish.

Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish

Meguiar's® Ultimate Polish is the final step before waxing for maximum gloss & reflectivity. Specifically formulated as a pre-waxing glaze that eliminates fine swirl marks to produce deep, wet reflections with high gloss. Ultimate Polish also adds depth of colour, especially on dark-coloured cars, and leaves the paint finish incredibly clear & glossy with mirror-like reflections.

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